How to Make Lemon Chicken
How to Make Lemon Chicken

Lemon chicken is the common name for some exquisite dishes found mainly in cuisines all over the globe that feature lemon and chicken as their principal ingredients. The lemon makes its distinctive appearance when lemon juice is added to the chicken. This gives the bird a zesty freshness that sets it apart from its fellow bird species. Although lemon chicken may sound odd, you can actually prepare this dish using only a few ingredients that are easy to find.

This lemon chicken recipe is best served with chicken breasts. Chicken breasts are tender pieces of meat that can be cooked easily by any method. Most people prefer frying them while others like roasting them in the oven. For this purpose, olive oil is usually the preferred cooking oil as it has a characteristic of being light, yet it doesn't burn easily and gives the meal a nice flavor.

In order to make lemon chicken recipe more tasty, it is essential to add garlic powder to the mix. Garlic powder adds the needed flavor and aroma into the mix. When garlic powder is used, it is best to use dry garlic because the powdered form can burn if used whole. Another thing to remember is to leave the garlic powder aside while the breasts are cooking so that they don't get coated. It is not necessary to coat them all the way until the time is right to serve them.

To make the lemon chicken recipe a tad richer, you can add lemon zest and salt to the mix after it is added to the breasts. Lemon zest adds that nice tang that lemon gives to food. The zest and salt will also help bring out the nutty texture that the breast has. Lemon zest can be seasonings that are ground or freshly grated. The fresh grated form is best since it still has a bit of its natural flavor.

After coating the breasts with the coating, make sure to allow them to rest for about 20 minutes. During this time, the chicken will absorb the coating, making it crispy. Since you have prepared the batter using the dry rub or dry garlic, all you have to do is to mix it with the oil. This is how you will create the perfect Chinese lemon chicken recipe. After the coating is done, the finished product should look like you have made it yourself.

If you want to speed up the cooking process, all you have to do is to use the chicken as soon as it is all ready. Wait for it to cool down then cut it into bite sized pieces. Add the lemon sauce and mix everything together until the mixture is fully blended. This is how to make a crispy chicken breast recipe fast.

All the ingredients should be mixed well into a large bowl. Then, add the chicken breast and mix everything together until the ingredients are completely combined. You can start cooking by filling the large bowl with cold water. Add the rest of the ingredients and wait for them to blend until they are combined. Once you are done, serve your Baked Chicken Breast on a bun or on its own.

If you are looking for more authentic Chinese recipes, I recommend going online. You can find websites that offer great recipes for Chinese food. You might even find a good Chinese recipe for Baked Chicken Breast that you will not find anywhere else.

Some good Chinese recipes for Baked Chicken Breast include using white wine or brandy instead of white wine. I also prefer a thicker consistency so I usually use water to help make the mixture more liquid. The ingredients can be combined and heated in a wok or deep fryer to make sure the lemon chicken gets cooked properly. When the chicken is cooked, you just need to serve it with some Chinese soy sauce sprinkled on top. You can also garnish your baked chicken with sliced scallions or dill.

For people who do not care too much about getting authentic Chinese ingredients but still want to try to make lemon chicken that tastes good, then you can use chicken thighs. All you have to do is to use a mesh strainer to extract the juice from the chicken. This allows you to have the juice on top of your Baked Chicken Breast instead of inside the meat which sometimes doesn't taste too good. If you make this delicious recipe often, then you can use thigh skin to make another variation of this dish.

Another simple recipe for Baked Chicken Breast involves using lemon sauce along with dry white wine, some corn starch and some barbecue sauce. To prepare the chicken, you need to first rinse it under cold water to remove any excess dirt or food particles. Then, you can combine the lemon sauce along with the white wine, corn starch and the barbecue sauce for your sauce base. Just cover the sauce with the rest of the barbecue sauce and cook for a couple of minutes until the sauce reduces in temperature.

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